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Australian gemstones

Happy Hockers - Monday, March 30, 2015
Australia is home to people who admire gemstones along with the best of them in the world. Australians have such a deep love of the beauty of natural gemstones. There could be any number of reasons why this is so. Of course, one part of it is that Australian gemstones that are mined and polished in Australia are admired around the world – especially their diamonds, sapphires and opals. It can't hurt either that Australia is a wealthy country where people can afford to indulge in fine tastes such as these.

Australian gemstones weren't always well-known. In fact, up until 30 years ago, there were virtually no Australian gemstones perhaps only the opal. It was only around 1980 that they discovered their first diamond seams – in Western Australia. And seemingly overnight, they became the world's biggest producers of gemstones.

Since then, they've discovered that all of Australia is awash in precious stones. New South Wales and Queensland have for very long yielded high-quality sapphire. But since the 80s, they've discovered vast resources in these areas of commercial grade sapphire.

Most Australian sapphire is a very dark tone with banded color. This isn't really considered naturally desirable in the gem market. But in the 60s, gemstone experts in Thailand discovered a way to treat these Australian gemstones to lighten their color.

These days, Australia is not really known for its sapphire. African and Asian sapphire is considered much higher quality.

In one kind of stone, Australia is quite undisputed – with the opal. Australia has what appears to be an endless supply of high-quality opal. And it produces a great deal of it. Almost all of the world's opal comes from Australia. And just the way the black swan is exclusive to Australian, the black Opal is, too.

Oddly enough, when Australians buy Australian gemstones, they don't buy it locally. They buy from Thailand. Most of Australia's gemstone production is exported to Thailand, where it is cut and polished. If you buy Australian gemstones in Australia, you'd pay a higher price.

If you love Australian gemstones, you'll find that the land here produces just the widest the right a of precious material. Amethyst, sodalite, chrysoprase, chrysocolla – Australia has everything.

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