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How an old iphone can be just like a new one

Happy Hockers - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How an old iPhone can be just like a new one!

With a new iPhone coming along every year, and with the contract with your phone company running two years long with every new device that you get, a good number of iPhone users out there suffer a good case of gadget envy at least every other year. What can these hapless souls do to help bring a little shine back into their tired old iPhones? Well, these iPhone tweaks should help;

There are people out there who have iPhones that are even older than three years – the 2G and 3G owners. What can you possibly do to breathe some life into these old veterans?

Well, as it would happen, there's plenty that you can do. How about entirely swapping the firmware out of these phones? Whited00r  is a new third-party firmware version for the early iPhones. The third-party firmware is almost identical to iOS. But it's designed to speed your old phone up, and it also gives you all kinds of features that the latest iOS doesn't bother to give them.

For instance, with Whited00r, your old iPhone can get multitasking, MMS, Folders, video recording and lots of other stuff. You won't even get any of the slowing down that you usually experience upgrading your old phone to the latest iOS.

You don't even have to worry about how these iPhone tweaks might break your phone. If you do find that Whited00r doesn't give you a pleasant experience (unlikely), you only need to do is to roll back the upgrade. You can go right back to your tried and trusted iOS 3, just like that. You'll find lots of instructions on the Internet that easily help you do this. You may not get your old iPhone to work as well as a new one, but it will work as well as it used to.

There's another option too. You could still upgrade to iOS 4, but then disable all the troublesome features that bog your phone down. You'll find all kinds of instructions on the Internet how this is done. A lot of these are very subjective things. They may or may not work for you. But you could try.

There is something called a double hard reset. Look on the Internet for it. You will find a lot to read. On the iPhone, a hard reset is when you force the phone to restart by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously. Do this once, and then again immediately. The great thing about this kind of trick is that you don't lose anything by trying. They say that just doing this will make your phone speed up.

You can also speed up your old phone by turning SMS previews off, keeping your SMS inbox the lien and clean, and then disabling things like Spotlight searches.

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Ladawn Lenorud commented on 06-Sep-2015 09:49 AM
I'm impressed, Brilliant ideas.

Austin Aycock commented on 06-Sep-2015 11:04 AM
I'm impressed, Amazing design!

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