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Happy Hockers - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hey Hey baby boys you're ready to be defeated.

Remember this? Remember this is the one that beat you all the time!

It never beat me.

And I'm going to thrash you with this old puppy as well.

Don't you worry about that.

All big talk.

Come round two you're gonna be in the fetal position in the corner, as usual.

Whoever comes last, works the weekend shift.

Considering I'm going to win why don't the

last two people work the weekend.

You're on!

It's a good thing Ben & Shanon are laughing now because when I'm finished

with them, it's going to be them crying.

Where's your car?

Yeah baby!

That's not a car from our childhood.
It's supposed to be our cars, cars that we own. Their old cars.

That's not the bet.

Negative it was a car we own .

Come on, that's not fair.

This is more like it was back then

you guys whinging and me just trying to play.

I don't know what's worse being a

sore loser or a cheater!

You're the only way you're going to win this by cheating

Do you want to walk away?

I'm not walking away from a bet.

Ok guys, ten laps if you crash just stay there I'll

go around pick it up. Have fun!

Ready. Set. Go!

The red track absolutely sucks.

Listen to the excuses now.

What were you telling me about crying?

I'm a lap ahead of you two losers

Don't get too cocky buddy, it's a long race.

The point is i'm not going to cry if I loose

Look who's talking now pal. See ya!

oh, I just keep coming off every corner!

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