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The Business

Happy Hockers is run by 2 brothers Aaron and Ben who bought a small pawnbroking business 25 years ago and about 12 years ago their friend Shanon joined the business.

In 1993 they purchased the oldest pawn broker in Kings Cross, their mission was to take pawn broking out of the dark ages and promote a happy, pleasant and modern experience in borrowing cash, and buying and selling of second hand goods. 

25 years on their family owned business, with a great team of friendly staff members, now has 4 shops spread throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area.

They love searching for and unearthing interesting items. They love unique and collectable items.

What makes them different is that they are willing and able to go the extra mile for their customers and they are genuinely interested in the stories behind some of the interesting items they are offered.

Happy Hockers - About Us - Crows Nest

We have finally moved into the 21st century with this great new website, please enjoy!


Aaron started Happy Hockers in 1993, the first shop being in Kings Cross. An existing business was bought that had been there for over 50 years, so in essence the business has been running in Kings Cross for a very long time. Aaron has a passion for old items, loves the story behind each item, why a person owns the item and how it came into their possession. He refers to it as "the journey". Some of Aaron's favourite items are garagenalia, carnival related items and pretty much anybody else's collection. " I don't know what it is, but I love people's collections and the stories behind them".

For me, I love the journey and it makes me smile ! 


Ben joined Happy Hockers in 1995 and together with Aaron has built up the business to 4 shops. Ben shares the same passion with Aaron of garagenalia, vintage posters and watches but the two brothers are quite different. Bens attention to detail is second to none, he will find a needle in a haystack! Ben is the quiet, deep thinking brother. He is accurate and has a vast depth of knowledge in the items he loves. With his degree in Graphic Design, Ben keeps the shops looking good, the stock in the right places and continually complains how hopeless Aaron and Shanon are with the shop displays. 

Ben is often heard saying how much he loves the "patina" of some of the old items we see.


Shanon is a life long friend of the boys. Shanon, with his younger brother had a close relationship with Aaron and Ben which still exists today. It was 2006 when Shanon was talking with Aaron saying he has just sold his cafes and was looking for a change. The boys started selling stock on line, and the next thing you know, Shanon is running the day to day operation of the company. Shanon has a great depth of knowledge and a love for history.  The boys refer to him as a sponge. He loves to ask questions and never forgets a thing! Shanon is also a collector, loves to collect ski gear, baseball mits and Yo Yo's and has been known to say " I have found my calling, I was to become a pawnbroker....." 

Shanon spends half his time, trying to navigate his way between the 2 brothers 

not to offend either of them or take sides !